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Scientific Illustrator Patricia Ferrer Beals has 15 years of professional scientific illustration and medical illustration experience. She has produced published drawings, marketing materials, and graphic design for clients large and small.

Patricia received her Masters of Fine Art in Medical & Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan. As a Medical and Scientific Illustrator, she’s taught classes at the University of Michigan, as well as multiple U of M accredited field-sketching courses from Costa Rica to Southern Africa. She spent 3 years at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum as the Interactive Media Coordinator responsible for developing original content and illustration for educational programs, involving touch-screen kiosks, websites, and printed materials. Patricia also spent 4 years on the Education Team at the University of Michigan’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichol’s Arboretum, as a Scientific Illustrator, and Interpretation and Exhibit Coordinator.

Ferrer+Beals scientific and medical illustration experience runs the gamut — surgical, anatomical, patient-education, exhibit, museum, wildlife, botanical, entomological, bird, fish, and veterinary illustration. Patricia is also versed in graphic design for print, branding and identity design, and website development.

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